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With two distinct product lines, Futrex Professional Body Composition Analyzers and HealthGuard Wellness Kiosks, Futrex provides wellness solutions from fitness to corporate wellness to medicine and everything in between.​

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Futrex professional body composition analyzers directly measure percent body fat using harmless light with its advanced Near-Infrared (NIR) technology. The Light Wand from all Futrex body composition analyzers and measurement devices read measured amounts of NIR light from the dominant arm of the user, where varying amounts of light are absorbed or reflected, providing an accurate measurement value. This value is then entered into Futrex’s proprietary formula (using Multiple Linear Regression Analysis) and displays total body fat in our unique 3-Fat Breakdown.

Conversely, the body composition analyzers that make use of Bio-Electrical Impedance (BIA) technology send low level AC electricity through the body to measure the amount of water and electrolytes in the body. The percentage body fat is further calculated based on these measurements.

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Futrex was founded by the late Mr. Bob Rosenthal in 1969. Bob was a key member of the engineering team behind the Apollo Mission.
​​​In the last 5 decades the brand has acquired 69 patents in the USA. Futrex products are backed by ground-breaking research & clinical studies and is both FDA & CE approved.
​​​​Today, Futrex is one of the most trusted brands by industry experts and professionals in the USA.​​​
Backed by rich experience and with our fast-growing disruptive research and clinical studies in the field of Body Composition, HRV and non-invasive Blood Glucometer along with the new product facelift, Futrex is a strong stakeholder in the global health & wellness device market.

Research Papers

Body composition, physical characteristics and physical activity

Evaluation of a commercial near-infrared instrument for body composition analysis


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