Body Composition, Physical Characteristics and Physical Activity

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VOL 2, ISSUE 1, 2015

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A study establishing the importance of individualized exercise prescription in physiotherapy for achieving physical fitness by comparative analysis of body composition, physical characteristics and physical activity.


Dr. Rohit Subhedar, Dr. Pallavi Dave, Dr. Priyanka Mishra, Dr. Dirgha Mehta


International Journal of Physiotherapy​


This study deals with the evaluation of body composition and fitness of individuals who differ in their physical characteristics viz. weight, height, Age, Sex, Body Frame and physical activity levels viz. Heavy, Moderate, Light, and thereby identify the ideal combination of physical characteristics and physical activity required in Prescribing Exercises for attaining “THE PERFECT BODY COMPOSITION”. Method: Assessments of physical characteristics, physical activity and body composition was done for 88 subjects of age group between 20-40 years. Body composition analyzer used was Futrex-5000/XL based on near infrared inheritance light technology. Total data was divided into 5 test groups according to their BMI. Results: Results showed that overweight individuals were classified into individuals having risky health status due to excess amounts of fat mass (28.45), higher BMI and lower physical activity. The study also showed greater body frame size in overweight individuals when compared to underweight or normal weight individuals. Whereas Lean individuals possessed very low percent body fat and high levels of physical activity. LBM% showed alarming increase among abnormally underweight males (94%) and females (91.3%) due to abnormal decrease in fat% making them physically unfit. Conclusion: It is concluded that, physical fitness of an individual depends upon his/her physical characteristics and also upon the level of physical activity performed. Body composition can be considered as an ideal parameter for evaluating physical fitness with special emphasis on physical characteristics and Individualized Prescription of physical activity and Physical exercises in Physiotherapy. Key words: Body composition, Physical characteristics, Physical activity, Body fat, Lean Body mass, BMI

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