Futrex's exclusive ability of measuring percent body fat by use of harmless light is designed to meet every individual need of other health kiosk manufacturers.


Unique Blood Pressure Cuff – Futrex offers its unique “wrap around” blood pressure cuff to other health kiosk manufacturers. This award winning design simulates how a doctor wraps a blood pressure cuff around the arm. It avoids the problems of having a rigid size tube where very large arms may get stuck in the tube and very small arms require the cuff to be over inflated and thereby reducing its measurement sensitivity.

Body Fat Measurement System – Futrex exclusive ability of measuring percent body fat by use of harmless light can be supplied to other health kiosk manufacturers. This avoids the problems with using the alternate technology – – – bioelectrical impedance (“BIA”) – – – that actually measures body water and electrolytes. Since both body water and electrolytes vary all during the day, the resulting BIA calculated percent body fat can be grossly in error. Another negative of BIA is that it should not be used to measure people who have either a heart pacemakers or internal heart defibrillators. None of these problems or limitations exists for the Futrex light measurement technique. For example, the Futrex system provides gold standard accuracy when ever measurements are made, e.g., before, during or after exercise or after eating a meal.


Virgin Life Care uses the Futrex OEM system for percent body fat in its award winning HealthZone Kiosk. The HealthZone is part of Virgin’s innovative HealthMiles program and can be found in fitness clubs and corporate wellness centers.

Ohio University has incorporated both Futrex OEM products into its blood pressure, body fat, pulse rate and weight kiosk. Ohio University uses the kiosk in its Health Check Express program. This program is a rural outreach health initiative.

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