“We, the Wellness Coordinators at Lockheed Martin Wellness Center, purchased a FUTREX-6100 body composition analyzer last year and it has been one of the most valuable investments we have made. The Futrex has been an invaluable resource for us since its arrival, making assessments in the Wellness Center much easier and facilitating greater number of participants during our screenings and health fairs. We and those being assessed have been very pleased in every usage situation.

Before we invested in this unit, we conducted extensive research to ensure the validity of the unit. We were confident that the FUTREX-6100 would eliminate inter-tester variability, but wanted to ensure that each reading would be valid. After a personal demonstration, and more importantly, after thorough evaluation of the research conducted by various universities and institutions, we were confident that the near-infrared analysis of this machine would give readings on par with the “gold standard” hydrostatic body composition testing.

Besides the body composition evaluations (as part of regular fitness assessments) our FUTREX-6100 has seen in our Wellness Center, it was used to screen over 500 individuals during our annual Wellness Fair. In all situations, it performed flawlessly. The employees were particularly pleased with the ease of examination (no disrobing required) and quick results. We were delighted because we could screen such a large number of employees and because no special arrangements (curtain, private rooms, etc.) were needed for the analysis.

The Futrex itself is a very convenient device and the basic body composition analysis function would make it a worthwhile investment, yet it has many other great features. The optional printer and included Physical Assessment Rating Reports are excellent options that we will make great use of. Also, the unit comes with software that facilitates an easy interface with a computer to track results and populations – another highly valuable feature for most any corporate wellness, health care, or fitness facility.

Futrex has been a pleasure to work with. They have always comprehensively answered all our queries and are prompt in delivery of any products we need. Once again, the Futrex has been a great boon to our Wellness program will soon recoup its cost. We would recommend this device to any facility seeking a valid, reliable, and easy-to-use body composition analyzer.”

Cortino Garcia

Wellness Coordinator