“Walking into Max Muscle as a client for the first time in Fairfax, Virginia, Kristin weighed me in using an infrared Futrex machine. I was surprised by how a relatively public weigh-in at the front of a busy retail store, could be so non-invasive and allow for a confidential consultation. The Futrex analysis gave me a glimpse into the real potential for my own Max Muscle store as I could envision working with people from all walks of life using a highly accurate tool that would offer clients something other than a weight scale, BMI, and a pinch test. I made a decision that day that I wanted to buy a Max Muscle franchise and have my own Futrex!

Even before I had found store space, I leased my first Futrex machine. Have Futrex, will travel! I spent months going from gym to yoga studio to school to workplace promoting Max Muscle by providing accurate body composition readings and talking about protein and calorie needs with anyone who would listen. As our FUTREX-6100A/ZL is portable and works with everyone over age five, we use it throughout the community at health fairs, workplaces and high schools. We advertise each free analysis as having a $99 value.

At Max Muscle Arlington/Falls Church, we offer every single person who walks through the door a free Futrex body composition analysis and we encourage them to return to weigh in at least every two weeks as they change up their food or workout routines. It only takes about three minutes to weigh in a client and, as the results are printing out, we have a captive audience to discuss their fitness goals and how Max Muscle can support their journey. These analyses inform all of our nutrition consultations, meal plans, local Maxformation contests, and almost always lead directly to protein sales. Personal trainers in the area have been known to drive their own clients to our store for baseline weigh-ins and nutrition consultations!

Our FUTREX-6100A/ZL has proven to be basically maintenance free. We have experienced consistent, accurate readings by ‘zeroing’ out and swabbing it with alcohol each morning. Futrex’s technical team has been accessible, responsive and excellent. I would highly recommend Futrex to all fellow franchisees!”

Michele Cato, Owner

Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist