“Can I get my body fat percentage checked?” is a popular question at our worksite. Our employees here at LCA Body Plant (General Motors) want to know their percentage of body fat. This is a more important indiactor of health than just how much a person weighs.

The ease and convenience of the FUTREX-6100 near-infrared technology has me sold. It is quick, non-invasive, accurate, and gives the client immediate results with printed information to take with them to review. Due to the results many people have set goals to reduce their body fat percentage.

At one clinic, 62 people were checked in 3 hours! I am very pleased with the amount of interest and participation. Any time I get the FUTREX-6100 out it draws a crowd. In fact, it’s so popular I saw a need to acquire another 6100!
I also purchased the PAR (Physical Analysis Rating) Package and used it to do Fit Checks for employees before they get involved in any aerobics classes offered. It takes about 15 minutes and if the values are out of range, I recommend that they see their doctor.

I now use the FUTREX-6100 as a station (actually 2) at my cholesterol screenings. In February I screened 401 employees for cholesterol in 2 days. Of those 401, 278 opted to have their body fat percentage analyzed. Most people never have had this opportunity and were intrigued by it.

Due to the interest and reliability the FUTREX-6100 generates, I would recommend this body fat percentage analyzer to anyone who monitors body fat percentage.”

Healthy Regards,

Debbie Hettler

UAW/GM Bodycare