Professional Body Composition Analyzers

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  • Gold Standard Accuracy – Equal to hydrostatic testing and DEXA
  • Measurement via Harmless Light – No AC currents through the body
  • No Disrobing – No need to remove shoes, socks or pantyhose
  • Measure Any Time – e.g. before, during or after a meal
  • Accurate Measurement of Anyone – From ages 5 through 95

All Futrex body composition analyzers use the identical Light Wand to make the measurements. Thus, every Futrex model provides the same Gold Standard accuracy and precision.

Click here to compare the Futrex technology with Bio-Electrical Impedance (BIA) technology.

The world’s most widely used body composition analyzers. Typical users:

  • VA Hospitals
  • YMCA’s
  • Fitness/Wellness Centers
  • Medical offices
  • Thousands of other users
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