Versatile Sit-Down Self-Service Kiosk

The HealthGuard-865 now includes a 22″ Touchscreen Interface!

Click here to compare the Futrex technology with Bio-Electrical Impedance (BIA) technology.

Uniquely Versatile Health Kiosk

  • Accurate measurement of systolic and diastolic blood pressure
  • Measures heart rate
  • Measures percent body fat using harmless light technology
  • Includes medical grade weighing scale which provides the floor for the kiosk
    • Eliminates the need for contorting the body and raising the feet in order to get an accurate weight.
  • Includes many additional measurements including Basal Metabolic Rate (“BMR”), Body Mass Index (“BMI”), Weight of Body Fat, Lean Body Mass, Hydration Level
  • Securely stores readings for 10,000+ subjects
  • Can E-Mail results to either a medical professional or a person’s home
  • Performs Color Blindness Test
  • Provides platform for competitive group fitness challenges as well as for personal accomplishments


The HealthGuard-865 kiosk combines a small footprint with the following non-invasive health measurements:

  • Blood Pressure using Futrex’s patented automatically adjusting Wrap-Around Cuff
  • Heart Rate
  • Body Fat Percentage using Futrex’s patented near-infrared technology
  • BMI, Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR), Lean Mass, Fat Mass, Estimated Body Water
  • Weight While Seated
  • Color Blindness Evaluation

The HealthGuard-865 kiosk includes the unique HealthGuard Screening Software. This software allows for client’s to save their measurements, e-mail themselves the results, and tracks results over time. For more information on the software click here. Furthermore, the HealthGuard-865 is the only commercially available kiosk that gives the owner the option of writing their own software, enabling the owner to implement their own custom wellness program. As with all Futrex products, the HealthGuard-865 comes with a full one year parts and labor warranty. Additional features include:

  • WiFi access for e-mailing results
  • Wheelchair accessibility
  • User-friendly, full color, touch screen interface
  • 32” promotion display (optional)
  • No calibration or upkeep required
  • Secure design required allows for unattended, stand-alone, operation
  • Moderately priced

Whether you need just one wellness kiosk, or you are planning a program for hundreds of locations, the HealthGuard-865 will make your wellness screening fast and easy.
Call 301-791-9220 or e-mail to find out how!