Sit Down, Self-Service Health/Wellness Kiosk

Sit Down, Versatile Health Kiosk

  • Accurate Measurement of Systolic and Diastolic Blood Pressure
  • Measures Heart Rate
  • Measures Percent Body Fat Using Harmless Light Technology
  • Also provides Basal Metabolic Rate (“BMR”), Body Mass Index (“BMI”), Weight of Body Fat, Lean Body Mass, Hydration Level
  • Securely saves readings for 10,000+ subjects
  • Can E-Mail results to either a medical professional or to the person’s home
  • Performs Color Blindness Test
  • Has smallest footprint of any sit-down health kiosk

This health kiosk is identical to the HealthGuard-865 except it does not include a weighing scale.


An updated version of Futrex’s first full-service kiosk, the HealthGuard-850, the HealthGuard-855 offers non-invasive health screenings. The HealthGuard-855 features the same design as Futrex’s premier kiosk, the HealthGuard-865, without the floor scale. The HealthGuard-855 features a smaller footprint than the HealthGuard-865 kiosk. For more information on the features of the kiosk and kiosk options, please see the HealthGuard-865.
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