Professional Body Composition Analyzer

Click here to compare the Futrex technology with Bio-Electrical Impedance (BIA) technology.


  • Gold Standard Accuracy – Equal to hydrostatic testing and DEXA
  • Measurement via Harmless Light – No AC currents through the body
  • No Disrobing – No need to remove shoes, socks or pantyhose
  • Measure Any Time – e.g. before, during or after a meal
  • Accurate Measurement of Anyone – From ages 5 through 95
  • Stand alone instrument featuring a large LCD display
  • Test results are displayed and provided on an optional stand alone printer (click here to view a sample printout)
  • Test results include Percent Body Fat, Weight of Body Fat, Lean Body Mass, Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR). Body Mass Index (BMI), Total Body Water
  • Delivered in a high quality briefcase for easy transport
  • Provides Futrex’s Exclusive “3-Fat Analysis”:
    • Weight of Essential Body Fat (i.e., The minimum amount of fat that the body requires to ward off diseases and prevent internal organs from bruising)
    • Weight of Reserve Body Fat – (i.e., This is additional fat, above the Essential fat where the body stores energy. Having Reserve body fat has no negative impact on a person’s health)
    • Weight of Excess Body Fat – (i.e., Excess body fat is unhealthy and can lead to many types of health problems)

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