About Us

One of the great technological accomplishments of the 20th century was successfully sending man to the moon – the Apollo Program. This program led to the spin-off of many new high-tech companies that successfully transferred the space program’s advanced technology into successful commercial products and services. One such company is Futrex Tech, Inc.

Futrex Tech, Inc. was founded by one of the key technical managers of the Apollo Program. His specialty was measuring low level star light and using that light to determine the chemical composition of many substances. During the past 40 years, Futrex Tech, Inc. and its sister companies have developed instruments that are used:

  • In agriculture —e.g., measuring the percent protein oil and moisture in food products
  • In petroleum products —e.g., measuring the octane number in gasoline
  • In industry — e.g., measuring the chemical properties of adhesive coatings on tapes.

Futrex Tech, Inc. specializes in using this same harmless light concept to non-invasively measure various health parameters in people — e.g. the accurate measurement of percent body fat. Its technology, backed-up by more than 60 granted patents, will soon lead to many important new type of medical/health products that will lower heath care costs and more important, achieve good health and extend life span.

In February of 2016, Futrex, Inc. was purchased by Futrex Tech, Inc. and they are proud to carry on Futrex Inc.’s legacy